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Today we have many Christians in one demonic prison or the other, (it is spiritual and not physical) and it is the devil that puts them in these demonic imprisonment (Rev. 2:10). This demonic imprisonment could be in the form of marriage, finance, fruit of the womb etc.

Definition prison is a place where a person is shut up against his will or place where a person, animal or bird is kept in confinement – Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

Buy Valium Mexico

The enemy (devil) use his human agents to charm peoples soul in order to destroy them and the souls of these people are now placed in one demonic prison or the other (Eze. 13:18; Ps. 142:5-7, Isaiah 42:22).

Reasons For Imprisonment

  1. One of the major reasons for hunting these souls and putting them in prison is for them to be afflicted with troubles (Psalm 143:11-12)
  2. Souls are bought by spirit merchants (i.e witches, wizards and occults forces) who use them as spiritual working vehicles. Souls used as spiritual working vehicles are the faces of people the evil ones use to attack people in their dreams in order to shield themselves from attacks (Rev 18:11-13).
  3. Stealing their blessings and also use them as preys for evil. It gives the plowers (demons) the right to plow upon these people’s blessings. (Psalm 129:1-4; Isaiah 42:22).
  4. Place souls under demonic appointment of death. (Psalm 79:11).
  5. Satan places a lot of people in prison to chain them so that their lives will be that of a total darkness and deepest of gloom (Psalm 107:10; Job 36:8).

Effects of Demonic Imprisonment

When a person is placed in demonic imprisonment

  1. He will begin to experience a life of dryness, famine, starvation, failure etc. (Zech. 9:11; Job 30:16-17)
  2. It is meant to kill the person through frustration and hunger. It means, they will face abject poverty in their lives. (Isa. 51:14)
  3. He will be cut off spiritually from his daily provision of favour till he dies. (Jer 52:31-34) God promised us His children that we are entitled to a daily provision of benefit of favour (Psalm 68:19)
  4. It is easy for forces of evil to take that person’s life any hour and any moment. (Psalm 79:11)


  1. Ps. 124:7 You have to pray that God should break every demonic cage you have been placed in and let your soul escape like a bird.
  2. Isa. 24:21-23 – You have to pray that God should gather all the astral, territorial and marine spirits that have locked you up in prison and cause shame, and disgrace to be their portion
  3. Acts 5:19 You have to pray that God should send His angels to open every prison you have been shut in.
  4. Psalm 146:7 You have to pray that God should give you freedom from every demonic prison you have been kept in by the forces of evil
  5. Rev. 18:22-24; Isa. 42:22 You have to pray that God should send down His holy ghost fire to burn to stubbles every queen of the coast that has been locking you in her demonic prison and selling you as merchandise to her demonic agents to use for evil
  6. Jer 52:33-34 – You have to pray that God should remove every prison garment that would not allow you to receive favour in Jesus name.
  7. Isaiah 24:21-23 – You have to pray that God should place all your enemies in prison and feed them with the bread of adversity and water of affliction.
  8. Isa. 42:6 – You have to pray that God should bring you out of every demonic prison of darkness the enemy has shut you in.


    God bless and keep you and your ministry …amen…

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  • Chinasa

    May God Almighty help us and come out of these spiritual prisons, we need His Mercy. Indeed children of darkness are wiser than that of light. Aggressive prayer is needed.

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